Here at Kueen Esthetique we strive to give you our absolute best to enhance your experience with us at Kueen Esthetique. We adhere to specific policies to benefit you and create a harmonious environment where our artists focus on your needs. We welcome you and will work hard to provide a great experience as we hope to become your favorite!

Xo Xo,

Kueen Team


Customer satisfaction is the most important thing to us! We want you to adore your lashes or SculptIce results and your experience with each Lash Artist or SculptIce Specialist at Kueen Esthetique. If you are unhappy with the results or anything, please get in touch with us within three days to schedule an appointment.

BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT - lashes & sculptice

On your first visit to our studio, we ask that you arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment to allow for registration and initial consultation.

On return visits to our studio, we ask you to arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

We ask you to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment and ask for cleansing pads if you are wearing makeup. By doing so, will avoid any delay in your service.

For SculptIce Clients we ask that you come dressed in the proper attire for your appointment.

DO NOT wear eye makeup. When wearing makeup, close to the eye area must be removed before the application process. Use a mild, oil-free cleanser. Do not use oil-based makeup remover.

DO NOT EVER WEAR MASCARA DIRECTLY ON YOUR LASH EXTENSIONS. Any residue of makeup will prevent the proper application of the extensions.

DO NOT EVER curl your lashes. Extensions will not adhere to crimped lashes.


Caffeine causes fluttery eyes and makes lashing not only difficult, but impossible.

We ask each client to please silence their cellphone during the appointment; talking while in your in-service can be difficult for extensionists or Sculptice Specialist; sculpting & lash application requires precision. Feel free to relax and take a nap.

We ask each client to please not chew gum; we ask that you please refrain from chewing gum. Gum makes it difficult and sometimes impossible to professionally apply for lash extensions or to complete SculptIce treatment on the face or neck area.

We ask each client to please make sure you can lay very still for extended lengths without issue. Too much movement is not good our Lash Artist or SculptIce Specialist; too much movement prevents the Lash Artist from being able to lash and our SculptIce Specialist to sculpt.

We ask each client to please use the restroom before your appointment starts - Kueen's bathroom is on the left as soon as you enter the studio. Because opening your eyes will hinder your lash service and getting up during the SculptIce treatment will interrupt the body temperature required for sculpting.

We ask each client to please eat something an hour before your appointment (especially before new full sets), because you may get hungry; use the restroom. Please refrain from chugging water or drinking beverages 30 minutes before your appointment.


Here at Kueen Esthetique, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of products to our clients. Each Lash Extensionists at Kueen is certified. We want to ensure every client gets the quality of Kueen Esthetique and a complete look. With that in mind, we do not fill Lash extensions done elsewhere. However, we do offer removals for a fee of $25 with an adequate booking time.

CANCELLATION POLICY - Lashes & sculptice

Your appointments are essential to us here at Kueen Esthetique; it is time reserved especially for you. However, we understand that sometimes adjustments are necessary; therefore, we respectfully request at least 72 business hours’ notice for cancellations. Since the service is reserved for you, a cancellation fee will apply.

Kueen Esthetique requires 72-hour notice for cancellations for Lashes & SculptIce

Kueen Esthetique 48-hours Cancellation Fee is $30.

Kueen Esthetique 24-hours Cancellation fee is $50.

Kueen Esthetique Same-Day Cancellation Fee is "Full Service Price".

Kueen Esthetique New Lash Extension Set Same-Day Cancellation Fee is 50% of the scheduled service.

Kueen Esthetique SculptIce Services 48-hours or less Cancellation Fee of $30 (Neck, Chin or Face) or

$70 (1 Session Body Area)

"NO SHOWS" will be charged 100% of the reserved service amount.

15 minutes late to your appointment, Kueen Esthetique cannot guarantee the satisfaction of your result. Clients arriving 15 minutes late or more will be rescheduled and charged the full-service amount, which we treat as a NO SHOW. We need to accommodate others whose appointment follows yours.

** Accounts with 1 (one) or more "NO-SHOWS" or 2 (two) or more "Same-Day Cancellations" will require all future bookings to be prepaid which is Non-Refundable.**

Due to this policy, we require a valid credit/debit card when scheduling all appointments to hold your reserved appointment time.

The Cancellation Policy allows us to provide the highest quality of service for each of our clients. We appreciate your business, so we want to offer you the most we can in your scheduled appointment. First-Class Customer Service is what we strive for every day!


2 Person Max per Lash Station: For safety and sanitation, we cannot allow anyone else to the Lash Stations other than (1) the Kueen Esthetique Lash Artist and (2) the person receiving the service. Kueen Esthetique offers a relaxing environment for clients and staff. We ask you to please NOT to bring children that require supervision; this policy is for the safety of your children, our artists, and our clients, as you cannot attend to your children during your appointment.

An adult must accompany children under the age of 12 who can supervise them in the lobby while receiving your service. Children are not allowed at the Lash Stations. Kueen Esthetique staff cannot watch your children; they are not responsible for any children. If you bring a child with you under the age of 12 and there is no one to supervise them, Kueen Esthetique staff will reschedule your appointment, and you will be charged 50% of the service according to our late cancellation policy.


Our minimum age requirement for services is 18 years of age. However, the minimum age with parental/guardian consent Kueen Esthetique Lash Artist or SculptIce Specialist will schedule for Lash Extension or Sculpting is 15-17 years of age.


We love furry friends! Unfortunately, Kueen Esthetique does not allow pets in the studio or treatment rooms out of respect for other clients and possible allergies. But please show us pictures!


All prices are subject to change. All product purchases are final, with no exchanges or refunds.


Because lash extensions and sculpting require such gentle and strict maintenance requirements, we are unable to guarantee your lashes or sculpting results. We regret that promotional services or gift certificates purchased are non-refundable, and this applies to all services. Kueen Esthetique is unable to offer refunds on any services already executed. If you are unhappy with a service, please get in touch with us within 24 hours.

All retail product purchases are final sales. We offer the option to exchange or receive a store credit on unopened items.


As a courtesy, we will text/email a reminder of your appointment. You will get several alerts to keep you informed, so you don't forget your scheduled appointment. Please understand that it's your responsibility to remember your appointment dates and times to avoid late arrivals, missed appointments, and cancellation fees.


Any reactions to eyelash extensions or SculptIce are not foreseeable by Kueen Esthetique skilled & trained staff (or even you). All care is to ensure your safety. We will go over your intake form with you and any contraindications, such as allergies. Kueen Esthetique does not issue refunds for reactions; however we will offer a Free Lash Removal should this unfortunate event occur. We kindly ask that you contact Kueen Esthetique immediately if you become aware of any irritation so we may assist you as quickly as possible.

Thank you for viewing our policies and supporting us here at Kueen Esthetique!