before your appointment

For your SculptIce session please wear one of the following

Bikini Swimsuit

Tighter fitting undergarments for example under bra & thong

Or you may choose to wear the disposable garments provided here at Kueen Esthetique

Whatever you decide to wear during your session please keep in mind it will get dirty; we recommend bringing an extra change of clothes & bag to take your garments home.

Do not eat for at least 2 hours before your treatment - if your doing an area besides your face, neck and chin. ​

Start drinking water at least 2 hours before your appointment.

Make sure to ask your primary physician if this treatment is a compatible with any medical conditions you may have.

Kueen Esthetique will provide towels for clean up to reduce as much leftover ice on body and clothing.

Before and after pictures will be taken to track progress. We ask that you are comfortable with Kueen Esthetique using pictures for marketing, however any pictures wanting to be shared, permission must given to your SculptIce specialist by you.

At any time during your session, do not hesitate to let the specialist know if any area being worked on is uncomfortable. Specialists are trained to adjust accordingly during your session.

after your appointment

There’s no downtown time; you will be able to resume your typical workday and daily activities as soon as your treatment is complete.

You may feel as though you’ve done a high intensity work out. Experiencing mild discomfort in the area you received SculptIce is common; the discomfort you may encounter compares to a sore muscle but tolerable.

Due to manipulations during the session, plan on your body detoxing for the next day. This is the desired result from the treatment.

For the best results after your treatment, we recommend

Drink plenty of water for the remainder of the day and afterward

Exercising the same day will help your body to break down the fatty tissue

During the next couple of weeks

Within six weeks, you will begin to see additional changes in the area you received the SculptIce treatment; for the best results we also recommended:

Create healthier eating habits

Exercise regularly

Drink lots of water (the recommended daily amount is 1.6–2 liters)

Daily massage the treated area

To help keep your body contoured over the long term, create and continue a healthy lifestyle.


Your SculptIce Specialist may recommend a follow-up consultation after your treatment to check your progress.

Keep up a healthy lifestyle, including good exercise and a balanced diet.