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Karly Noyola is a highly trained Licensed Esthetician specializing in eyelash extensions, body contouring, and so much more! With over eight years of experience, she has never stopped learning and is always trying to find her clients' the best products and services.

Karly has been a Medical Esthetician for most of her career and loved every bit of the Medical side but has a true passion for lash extensions and other beauty treatments. When Karly graduated from Esthetic School in early 2013, she knew she would open a studio of her own one day. Karly wants a lash studio with her protocols in place, inviting, comfortable, yet fun, where any woman (or man) will feel welcomed as soon as they walk in.

"It's such an amazing feeling to know I can put a smile on my client's faces because of the work I did. You will never work a day in your life if you love what you do, and I plan on not "working" for a very long time thanks to my clients." - Karly.

A Full Service Experience

Classic Lash

volume lash

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At kueen esthetique, our goal is to make your lashes stand out from the rest. We create flattering looks for our clients, specializing in versatile styles for everyday life. Whether you want something mega forward, timeless, or just for a special event, kueen esthetique has the right lashes for you!

We believe that you are your best accessory. This is why we offer a full service experience.